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Counselling with a creative and spiritual approach

“Person Centred” basically means that you are your own guru. No one can be an expert on your emotions and experiences. Each life path is unique and individual, and I firmly believe that the wisdom you are looking for lies within you. I encourage you to use me as a kind of sounding board and catalyst for change. Counselling is about change and shifting perspectives, and we will work to gain insight into your issue. My practice is eclectic, and I will work with you in an individual way at your own pace, supporting you to find a way through your problems in ways that feel right for you, and in ways that hold true meaning for you. I provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental environment where you can explore, develop and nourish that authentic part of your Self to discover who you really are.

After an initial meeting, continuing counselling with me is entirely up to you. Counselling requires courage (meaning working from the heart) and commitment. You might decide to commit to a few sessions (e.g. 6 sessions) and then find it useful to have a break to process insights and shifting perspectives. You’re always welcome to return whenever you feel ready. If you find it difficult to articulate your emotions verbally, we’ll work on broadening your emotional vocabulary through non-verbal codes, using colour, shape, form, metaphor, and symbolic sight to gain insights into emotional imprints and patterns of behaviour. You’ll be empowered to change those behaviour patterns that no longer serve you well.

We’ll also explore where your fixed states are and how to shift them, learning to love what “is” instead of what “should” be.

You’ll develop more self-awareness, as well as a different sense of emotional response-ability and learn to feel your emotions instead of judging them. This empowers to you to recognise what you can change and how to deal with what you can’t change.

"Creative energy breaks us out of habitual patterns of behaviour, thoughts, and relationships. Habit is a hell to which people cling in an attempt to stop the flow of change" from Anatomy of Spirit - Carolyn Myss



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